I grew up in a very musical family. My dad was a dj and my mom loved to sing. Being from Nashville it’s a really musical city, so it was all around me growing up. We always had a studio in my house and by the time I was 15 I had my first pro tools rig in my room. I would always stay up making beats, learning how to record, and messing with effects on pro tools.

My love for engineering really blossomed around 2015 when I moved back to Alaska from Arizona. I knew I wanted to make music my full time career and specifically focus on engineering and production.


Since then i’ve been on a non stop mission to perfect my craft. I now run Xsilence Recording Studio in Atlanta GA and I’m always striving for better quality productions and furthering my skills as an engineer.

I often record artists and see the issue they have of not knowing how to obtain beats, getting beats off YouTube, or paying a lot of money for exclusive beats. There also seems to be a general confusion on how royalties are paid on the back-end. I think all of that is a hassle and takes away from the creative process. With Beat Pass, I hope I’ve helped artist stay creative and not worry to much about the back-end bs.

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Dj Cheerio


DJ Cheerio got his first professional DJ job at the age of 17 as the performing DJ for Nashville's 80's teen dance show "Nashville Lights." 


During his career as a performance DJ, he opened for MTV at Nashville-held events, won numerous DJ Spin-off competitions, performed in some of Tokyo's hottest nightclubs, and has been the head-liner DJ in some of Nashville's biggest clubs.

In 2008, DJ Cheerio began operating K.O. Entertainment full-time to meet the growing demand for his mobile DJ services.